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  • Really great results! 2 months ago my lower back pain kept me up at night and I'd be in pain all day sitting at my desk at work. I'd have good days and bad days but it got to the point where I was lying awake in pain instead of sleeping so I finally decided to get help.

    I avoid drugs whenever possible, so before heading to my GP, where I expect pain meds or muscle relaxers may have been prescribed, I found a chiropractor. I feel very fortunate to have found Janet and I can truly say she has healed my back issue.

    I had actually never been to a chiropractor before, but my mother had great results when she became incapacitated by pain a few years ago and started seeing one. Since I had seen her heal through chiropractic treatment I believed a chiropractor could help me also.

    I am currently pain free thanks to Dr. Janet Laney and I highly recommend her to anyone with back pain. The receptionist is also a very helpful sweet young lady.

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  • Dr. Laney is an excellent chiropractor. She does soft tissue work, adjustments, & treatments that have been very effective. Additionally, she & her staff have always made me feel safe & comfortable during covid. Everything is always clean & immediately cleaned afterward, only one patient is allowed in at a time. I highly recommend her.

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  • I've been seeing Janet Laney for the last 2.5 years and she has helped with my chronic back and neck issues as well as wrist and knee pain.  She uses a combination of soft tissue massage, manual and therapeutic adjustments.  Her office has strict Covid cleaning and social Distancing protocols which makes me feel safe.

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  • Janet is amazing.  She really spends her time with you, explains in detail all she is doing and does a great assessment.  One session with her and my sore neck from a car accident is starting to feel better.  Looking forward to continuing with her.

    - Jenny H.

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